Planetary Reducer with Exceptional Positional Accuracy

VRT Series

Itasca, Illinois September 16, 2013

SHIMPO DRIVES is proud to announce the release of its new VRT series. The VRT series sets a new standard for servo motor gear reduction applications that require exceptional torsional rigidity and high positional accuracy. The hub-style output of the reducer has an ISO9409 mounting interface and provides superior flexibility in the mounting of pinions, pulleys, and turntables. The reducer is offered in seven different frame sizes and in a multitude of 1-stage and 2-stage ratios. The larger frame sizes include tapered roller bearings that have better radial and axial load handling characteristics than those bearing commonly utilized in competitor’s design, so improved ratings over those products within its competitive class.

With a backlash rating less than 3 arc-minutes and exceptional torque handling capabilities, the VRT is a high performance, compact, and robust solution for equipment manufacturers. The VRT is often used for larger indexing applications and dial tables, commonly found in metal forming, filling equipment, packaging machinery, and assembly automation systems