The Experts in Precision Drives and Force Related Technologies

NIDEC-SHIMPO originally established itself, as the leading supplier of drive technology and gearing solutions to the industrial marketplace. With traditional roots that began imbedded in the development of mechanical variable speed power-trains.

Early in its existence, SHIMPO utilized its technology know-how to develop a new drive technology for pottery equipment which revolutionized the industry at the time. Capitalizing on the state-of-the art design, SHIMPO expanded into a manufacturer of ceramics equipment. Although significantly different than the other business units in terms of product technology and customer base, SHIMPO has achieved a dominant brand name within the Ceramics marketplace, and to this day that line of business is revered and holds a historic position within the company.

Later following its acquisition by the NIDEC Group, SHIMPO determined that it could vertical integrate into machinery and systems where the core technology relied on force related concepts and a power transmission supply chain. The strategy to capitalize on our core knowledge and other vertical synergies has led to the recent acquisitions of historic companies that manufacture press machinery and automation systems.

Today, NIDEC-SHIMPO has three distinguished business units, maintaining its global position as the expert in force related technologies.

Power Transmission

Ceramics Equipment

Press Machinery