New Motion Analyzer Web Tool Helps Machine Builders Design Motion Control Systems, Reduce Time-to-Market

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Itasca, Illinois December 1, 2014

Rockwell Automation Encompass Product PartnerRockwell Automation has rebuilt their Motion Analyzer software as a Web tool. The tool offers new user-friendly features and a vastly expanded product catalog to help engineers more easily specify, design and validate complete motion control systems.

The Motion Analyzer Web tool is cloud-based, allowing users to access, update and collaborate on projects stored in a single location, reducing version control issues and the need to share project files back and forth. A cloud-based platform also means users are no longer limited by the processing speed of their computers when designing systems for more complex applications. The tool’s new browser-style format allows users to filter, review and compare products and general pricing, similar to search capabilities on popular e-commerce sites.

“Incorrectly sizing a motion system not only generates unnecessary costs in wasted engineering time and re-stocking fees, but it can greatly slow a machine’s time-to-market,” said Michael Lennard, product manager, Motion Solutions, Rockwell Automation. “The latest Motion Analyzer release is an evolution of the platform that is more collaborative, expansive and easy to use. When engineers can quickly create and examine complete motion control systems within a single platform, they can spend more time innovating and improving their machines.”

The Motion Analyzer Web tool provides machine builders access to a wider range of motion control products than ever before. It now incorporates products from nine Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Encompass product partners. Using the Motion Analyzer Web tool, engineers can determine a system’s specifications, evaluate multiple products, finalize the design and create a bill of materials.

As a Rockwell Encompass partner since 2010, NIDEC-SHIMPO collaborates closely with Rockwell on providing high quality, complete motion control solutions to machine builders across the globe. The very best of the NIDEC-SHIMPO product line is available on the newly rebuilt Motion Analyzer software. Find the best solution for your application today!