Message from President

nishimotoNIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION was originally founded in Kyoto Japan in 1952. Since our inception, we have made every possible effort to improve our manufacturing skill and capabilities, including the advancement of power transmission products to support new technologies and markets. NIDEC-SHIMPO initially established an industry-wide leadership position in the area of mechanical variable speed drives. We are very proud of our storied past with mechanical drive technology, through which NIDEC-SHIMPO helped contribute to the growth of the emerging industries that are now the cornerstone of our world economy today.

NIDEC-SHIMPO promises to continue to provide high precision power transmission products at unmatched value, which solve the new requirements of our customer base and allow them to be competitive in an increasingly tough global market. Within our company, we have coined this promise as “Enduring Process of SHIMPO” – a pledge by our employees to approach all of their day-to-day work activities with full effort, full dedication, and full energy to support the evolving needs of our customers.

Your continued support and loyal patronage to our company is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
President – T. Nishimoto